Ahmad Shah Abdali History Biography | Ahmad Shah Abdali Battle Of Panipat | Who was Ahmad Shah Abdali

Ahmad Shah Abdali History Biography | Ahmad Shah Abdali Battle Of Panipat | Who was Ahmad Shah Abdali:

Ahmad Shah Abdali History Biography

Today we will tell you the real story of Ahmad Shah Abdali. Ahmad Shah Abdali was born in Multan city in 1722. It is the story of the early kisses of the eighteenth century when the Mughal Empire in India was weakening. In those days, a Iranian Iranian king who invaded Afghanistan and occupied the country’s most important city, Kandhar. Here he met a 16-year-old boy named Ahmad Khan and belonged to the Afghan-Iranian tribe. Gore Buz of Kandahar held Ahmed Khan and his brother Zulfiqar Khan in captivity, but Nadir Shah Irani, also known as Nadir Shah Durrani, released the two young men. He was greatly influenced by Ahmad Khan’s personality. Staff named as Yaswal, became the commander. This is what Ahmad Khan later became known as Ahmad Shah Abdali Durrani in history.Ahmad Shah Abdali History Biography

Military Commander Ahmad Shah Abdali:

Military Commander Ahmad Shah Abdali:

After the induction of Ahmad Khan into his army, Nadir Shah conquered Delhi in 1739 by defeating the Hindutan army. Now he ruled India. He made the new young Ahmed Khan a deputy governor and sent him to South India. During this time, a strange thing happened. Former Prime Minister of the Mughal Empire, who was famous for his wit, saw Ahmad Khan one day and shouted at him, and the young man will one day become king. The prophecy also reached Nadir Shah’s spy and from there Nadir Shah also got the news. He called Ahmed Khan immediately to Delhi and as soon as Ahmed Kh When they came to him, Nadir Shah made a wound on the tip of Ahmed Khan’s ear with his dagger. When Ahmed Khan asked for his reason, the reply was received.

When you become king, this wound will give you my love. This is not rare. Khan also promised Ahmed Khan that he would treat Nader Shah’s descendants after becoming king. Ahmed Khan kept his promise and he remained on his promise all his life. Nadir Shah invaded the Hinduthan in 1739. Only 8 years later, in 1747, he was killed by his own soldiers. As soon as Ahmad Khan was found killed by Nadir Shah, he assumed command of the Afghans in the Iranian army and Ahmad went to Kandahar Afghanistan, but not before this time,Ahmad Shah Abdali History Biography Ahmad Shah Abdali also arrived near Kandahar.

The news of Nader Shah’s death:

Nader Shah

The news of Nader Shah’s death had already arrived there. Afghan tribes have liberated Iran. And they wanted to make an Afghan their king. Now a jirga was held near Shaykh red tomb in Naderabad town, 35 miles from Kandahar, in which several Afghan tribes participated. Various names were considered for the king’s choice. There were two hopefuls of the Afghan king.Ahmad Shah Abdali History Biography

There were two hopefuls of the Afghan king:

Ahmad Khan of an Abdali tribe and Jamal Khan of Muhammadzai tribe, but after several days of debate, no decision was made and the people started fighting, but before the bloodshed, the Afghan elders ended all quarrels. He was Shah Walid and he was highly respected among the Afghans. He said that God made Ahmed Khan the best for you. If you bow down before the will of God, listen to Sabir Shah Wali. He was made king of Afghanistan by the name of Ahmad Khan Abdali, then Sabir Shah Wali made a clay pavilion and declared him the throne of Ahmad Shah.

Afghanistan’s independence from Iran was also declared. Sabir Shah told Ahmad Shah that you are King Dirdora (diamond of time). Ahmad Shah Durrani also became known. Ahmad Shah Abdali became king of Afghanistan in 1747. Attacked Kandahar with the army of the Afghan tribe and conquered it from the Iranians

Then it began to increase its army increased to 40,000:

Then it began to increase its army increased to 40,000

Then it began to increase its army and in a short time the number of its soldiers increased to 40,000. He was able to conquer Ghazni first and then Peshawar. After that, he came to Punjab. Az had promised to hand over Punjab to Abdali, but then he failed in his post. When Abdali sent his follower Sabir Shah Wali to Lahore for talks with Shah Nawaz, Shah Nawaz also martyred him. I have the shrine of Hazrat Saber Shah Wali near Raji Masjid. It is Sabir Shah Wali who made Ahmad Shah Abdali king of Afghanistan when Ahmed Shah Abdali was informed about the martyrdom of his followers. He occupied Lahore in January 1748.

Done and Shah Nawaz Delhi was damaged, Abdali crossed the Sutlej River and took over India but now the Mughal Emperor from Delhi. He and Wali Ahad Ahmed and Mehmaun’s army governor of Punjab confronted Abdali in March 1748, a battle was fought between the two armies near Sirhind in which Ahmed Shah Abdali was defeated and he had to return to Afghanistan.

Ahmad Shah Abdali Invaded India During Which Mughal Emperor:

Ahmad Shah Abdali Invaded India During Which Mughal Emperor:

The final victory against the invaders and the defeat of Abdali was the first in India, but Abdali then returned in 1748 and surrounded the Mir Minas. After a few hurricanes, Mir Minas surrendered and promised to pay tribute. Remained on and Ahmad Shah Abdali returned to Afghanistan as soon as he rebelled. Abdali then took the army to Lahore. Abdali told Mir Min that those who came to meet Das and paid the tribute money did not invade Lahore.

Mir Min accepted this and Arduali asked him if I was defeated and I would get arrested and come to you. How would you treat me? Mir Minh said that I would cut off your head and send it to the Mughal emperor. Ahmad Shah Abdali asked, “Now you are with me. How do I treat you? If you are a bargainer, take the fad. If you are fair, you can forgive me. Ahmad Shah Abdali is affected by the dream.” He embraced Mir Mannu as a son and gave him the address of Zar Khan Khan Bahadur and many awards After being so affected by good behavior, he remained loyal till the death

Afghan King Ahmad Shah Abdali:

 afghan king ahmad shah abdali

of Punjab after Ahmed Shah Abdali conquered Kashmir. In 1756, Abdali again raided and it was not on Lahore, but on the intention of occupying Kashmir Delhi. At that time, the Emperor of Delhi was the ruler of the universal Sani, the Emperor offered peace to Abdali. When there was no pass, Abdali proceeded to occupy Delhi and the Mughal emperor vacated the royal palace and moved to Andon city. In the mosques of Delhi, Abdali’s name was taken as ruler in Jammu’s address. Badali was still asking the Mughal emperor for two million rupees.

Ahmad shah abdali attack on golden temple:

Ahmad shah abdali attack on golden temple:

The minister said that how much money is in your house, the minister said that 14 lakh cash and 6 lakh jewelery and other goods. The area of ​​Di and Sirhind, which was already in possession of Abdali, was written in dowry. After staying in Delhi for some time, First, the Hindus were massacred at the command of Abdali in Mathra and the idols installed in the city were destroyed. In this attack on the Hindutan, Abdali gained wealth of Rs 12 crore. It was said that 28,000 animals and rockets were imposed on it, while each of the 80,000 Afghan soldiers was carrying their share. Sikhs were very eager in Punjab during that time.

Sikhs were very eager in Punjab during that time:

Shukra Chakki's chief, Charhat Singh

.Gujranwala, such as Shukra Chakki’s chief, Charhat Singh, grandfather of Raja Ranjit Singh, launched attacks on the Afghan army and took away much of the wealth of the Afghan army. They did not abolish the Mughal rule. But now the status of the Mughal Emperor was just like that of the Governor of the Hutts. In these circumstances.

Abdali received a letter from the Hindutan. They wrote about eternal danger in India of increasing mortality. And he said that if Muslims dare, then they can overcome the Marathas.

Ahmad Shah Abdali Battle of Panipat:

Ahmad Shah Abdali Battle of Panipat:

. After receiving this letter, the eternal preparations started again in India. The Marathas also started decisive battle on January 14, 1761, from Delhi 90 kms. In the present Indian state of Hara or Na, the battlefields of the third and the last up to the water level were decorated. This was not only the battle of Ahmad Shah Abdali and the Marathas, but also the forces of several powerful states of India. In the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, Raheelkhand’s army was also under the command of Abdali.

On the other side was Ibrahim Gardi, a Muslim army officer with Murat. On the other hand, who was the commander of the artillery in the Sultanate army and Abe along with thousands of his comrades was supporting Murat. There is much disagreement about the number of the two armies. Only one thing can be said with certainty that both armies were very large in the hands of Sada Shiv Rao bhau, nephew of Baji Rao, ruler of the Murat army command. He was also accompanied by Vishwas Rao, son of Bala Ji II.

Ahmad shah abdali attack:

Ahmad Shah Abdali Battle of Panipat:

Ahmad Shah Abdali set up his army in such a way that it stretched for seven miles. And its alignment was like the moon of the first night, which is like Halal, with its two corners stretched forward. This army could easily surround any invaders. The artillery of the two armies was almost equal. The heavy shelling caused heavy casualties on both sides. The string point came when Sada-Shiv Rao-bhau and his nephew were fighting in the battle.

300 elephants were killed and their own army crushed by the rain of Afghan army arrows. Eventually, the Marathas were defeated. The Afghan army surrendered, but Afghan soldiers killed many prisoners. In this war, 5,000 horses took 2 million bulls, 500 elephants, all the artillery shells and countless possessions of the Abdali army. Rao Bhau (Sada Shiv Rao bhau) and his nephew’s body were burnt in accordance with Hindu rituals and their ashes were sent to Balaji, the ruler of the Muratas, in a burial of gold. It went on. But it continued its attacks on India

After battle of panipat ahmad shah abdali | Afghan–Sikh Wars:

Afghan–Sikh Wars:

Now it was mostly confronted by the Sikhs and their chief Sardar Chhath Singh. In one battle, 10,000 Sikhs Killed in one day. It is also said that Abdali also damaged Sikh shrines in Amrit head. But despite constant attacks, the power of Sikhs continued to grow. After the Sikhs finally occupied Lahore, the British were so powerful in India that they put pressure on the Muratas and the Mughals to pay any kind of money to the Abdali but not to confront them. Those who were told by Abdali to accept Shah Alam Dhani’s Delhi government and initially the British assured Abdali that they would remain loyal to the Mughal king.

But after the power of Abdali:

But after the power of Abdali: But after the power of Abdali, the English were against it. In the last part of his life, Ahmed Shah Abdali’s rule, which extended to Delhi, was reduced to Peshawar. The last time India was invaded. And as soon as Gujarat approached, his army rebelled, causing him to leave home.

Ahmad Shah Abdali Death Reason:

Now the health of Abdali started to deteriorate. He spread his face all over the face. His tongue also began to shake and speak in gestures. In his life he appointed his son Taimur Shah as king in his place.

Ahmad Shah Abdali Died:Ahmad Shah Abdali History Biography

On October 23, 1772, Ahmed Shah Abdali died. It was buried in his shoulder. It is written on his tomb pole that during the reign of Ahmad Shah Durrani, every nun and lion lived together. Noisy ears of these enemies were made deaf. Ahmed Shah Abdali’s empire was shattered. A number of Sikhs, including Peshawar and Kashmir, were captured. However, the Afghanistan which Abdali had liberated.







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